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Zeynep Aydinoglu

Instagram: Studio ZAYD (@studiozayd)

It was a great source of inspiration as I travel constantly and encounter different cultures. I have had many friends around the world that I am still in contact with from different cultures. These reflected a lot on my way of thinking, and it made me think more versatile and creative. I was paying attention to architectural details, effect of climate to architectural forms and materials. Every summer I visited a country and stayed there for 3 months like a local. Where I contributed in UCLA, Harvard, Architectural Association VS, IaaC and more.. Which were all inspirations for me to start Studio ZAYD (@studiozayd) Having met with these environments during my early architectural studies was an opportunity for me. I have tendency to work interdisciplinary and use parametric tools, build prototypes, investigate new forms and materialities. The atmosphere around me widened my architectural world, and help me to adjust rapidly changing dynamics of the architectural world.

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