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  • Haieptur Studio

Yoga Temple.

Studio: Haieptur Studio

Architect: Antonella Giovannini

Surface: 300 m2.

Location: Mountains near to de town Villa la Quebrada, San Luis, Argentina.

The Yoga Temple will be built in a place where only mountains inhabit. In the beginning everything arises from a single point, the heart of the Temple. And it begins its growth as a Toroid that expands outward forming different rings that grow from that single center. Like the growth of a mandala. The whole shape represents the five elements. From the outside to the inside starting with the Water as the outer ring that surrounds and contains it, which represents our eternal body. The human being contains 70% of water in our bodies and all the species are interconnected through the information that is recorded in our water. Then the Earth, another ring that contains bamboo plants that protect it from solar incidences and generate an internal microclimate. The Fire, represented through the twelve triangles that make up a circle, the Ether (Spirit). They represent Fire because they work like a solar clock. They are not all the same, the only ones that are modified are the one of income and the triangle in opposition that represents the Trinity (Vibration, Energy and Matter or Body, Soul and Spirit) which will be directed towards the sunset on the Solstice of the December 21, the longest and brightest day of the year. The Wind represented by the shape itself, each of these panels will be able to let the air pass towards the interior in ascension towards the hatch of the central roof, which also in this movement ascending from bottom to top represents the way energy enters our bodies from our base chakra Muladhara towards Sahasrara as a Toroid. In other words, the entire form arises from our body, which is why I call it a Temple, as a sacred place that will house many sacred bodies or Temples. All materiality is natural and each element represents its true essence.

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