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Yasmien De Caestecker

instagram- yasmiendc

"As an architecture student, you learn like no one else that there is nothing linear out there, that the struggle is the process of growth and above all that learning is a never-ending cycle.

Being a child I always loved to organize chaos and dream about a future.

As long as I can remember I have loved to solve physical problems and mathematical questions. During the years that followed upon my secondary education, I understood how uncovering vulnerabilities makes it possible to work on something, how problems and contradictions are necessary to ‘create’. Therefore, imperfections and difficulties should not be disguised, but may precisely be what architecture is all about for me! In addition to the mathematical questions, I have increasingly attached importance to the theoretical aspect of architecture and its environment, philosophy, anthropology, urbanism and psychology. Hence my interests go the fields that cover all (human) processes intermingled with space and vice versa.

As a graduate student in Engineering and Architecture at Ghent University (Main subject: Urban Design and Architecture), I am currently expanding my knowledge and understanding of these processes on different types of scales. In the future, I aim to reflect on architecture as a balancing act, contribute to further investigation on architecture and its environment or create architecture that must guarantee a ‘desire for connection’. A connection where balance arises and where opposites are given a place."

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