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Yasmeen Saab

Instagram- yasmeenarch

Growing up in the middle east, I was always fascinated by the beautiful architecture around me. I used to create my own buildings with small wooden blocks and dreamt of the day I would design something in the real world. Architecture has been my passion ever since. Now I am a third-year architecture student at the University of Houston in Texas and an artist. I spend most of my time developing my architectural skills.

However, during the breaks, I love to paint and explore different styles and techniques. I always thought of art and architecture as one thing. While painting, I get to put all my creativity and skills into one canvas, the same thing with architecture; I use all the skills I have to create buildings that would have an artistic sense and create an exceptional experience for people. Moving forward with architecture, I want to design more functional and aesthetic buildings that focus on people's experiences and how it will impact the surrounding environment.

“I have tried to get close to the frontier between architecture and sculpture and to understand architecture as an art.” Santiago Calatrava

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