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  • Mahima Prakash


This Urban Design venture manages the Yamuna Riverfront Development plan of Delhi. From the considering the segment states of that place, trailed by the current states of site. The investigation experienced a cycle of: Urban grain map, Land – use map, Green scape map, Flood – map. With the expansion of course street study. With the goal that it turns out to be anything but difficult to introduce the plan highlights into the site.

About the site, It is close to ITO Delhi, and the there are existing assembled ups on the site and n number of trees and hedges are additionally there. That makes the site very hazardous to get to. The waterway bank is likewise not gotten to by individuals in light of the fact that there is no fencing done on the bank additionally during the rainstorm that region is nearly overwhelmed which makes that land muddy.


The idea for the plan is to advance the ECOLOGICAL AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, and the structure depends on FABONACCI SERIES, that is itself related with the natural presence of things.


The Proposal is done as, we have isolated the site into 5 zones individually to amalgamate the plan highlights. There is a fabricated structure on the site THE RESEARCH Center, that holds the exploration works that goes on the site and the diner zone.

STEP GARDEN, that holds the tactile nursery include and is open for the senior individuals as well.

THE GOLDEN CURVE, the fundamental bend on the site that is for the guests to walk and it gave them an entire site see and to appreciate the experience of the riverfront with cool wind.

RIPARIAN ZONE, this territory is created on the bank of stream in order to make guests to enjoy exercises and to appreciate the stroll along the waterway side. As that region is wealthy in greenery.

Breathtaking GARDEN, a nursery that is for the children to mess about, rich with greenery.

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