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Yamini Krishna

Brief Introduction to Yamini Krishna Firm : Yamini Krishna Photography –

Role : Founder Proprietor Interiors


Portrait Instagram:

I am an Interior, Architectural and Fine Art Portrait Photographer, in this profession since last three and half years. Won many awards for my work and had the honour of getting my work published in many magazines. I am a Computer graduate with 15+ years of experience in IT but found my calling in Photography. It has been more than 8 years that I have been doing, photography. Travel, portrait, street and architecture. A dear friend introduced me to Interior and Architecture and that is how I finally choose my specialization. Today it’s been close to 3 years that I am a Professional Interior and Architectural Photographer, left my IT job and started my own company - Yamini Krishna Photography. This profession gives me the opportunity to enjoy both my personal and professional life with the right balance. Married to my best friend who is also an amazingly funny man and a mother to a naughty 8-year-old, I can't thank them enough as they understand and support my passion for photography.

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