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  • Christine Blokhina

Yacht club Project Concept

Кристина (@christine_raccoon)

Кристина (@k_artrac)

The object is located on the embankment. Has an island location. The entrance has a common mark with embankment. Entrance from the embankment along pedestrian bridge. The building rests on a pier located at where the second entrance to the building is located. The yacht club in volume is a spatial cross, in where the following functions are located: on the ground floor, a restaurant, an all-season dining room for 100 seats, a kitchen, lobby with dressing room and WC, shop, meeting rooms, administrative offices; on the second floor are administrative premises, staff premises, storerooms, meeting rooms rooms, a universal conference hall, a summer terrace for 100 seats, observation sites; on the third floor there is a museum-exhibition hall, a fitness club with gym with dressing rooms and showers, toilet. total area object 3000 m2. Facades reveal the internal structure of the yacht club and reflect functional features of the organization of the object. Large spaces are fully glazed and oriented towards picturesque landscapes around. The facade has a "second skin" - a system of two shells, one of which protects the premises from direct sunlight rays. The constructive scheme of the yacht club is reinforced concrete frame. Roof - operated landscaped terrace with internal drain.

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