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YAC Hyperloop Competition

Architects: Fabiola Dos Ramos, Juan Delgado, Santiago Dominguez, Reylibis Blanco, César Barbarán

Status: Project

Year: 2020

Location: Las Vegas, USA.

From ground up, the new Hyperloop Dessert Campus rises over the desert landscape as a landmark that stares into the future. The rising movement of the rooftop allows the building to shelter the multiple facilities of the Hyperloop Headquarters. The project unfolds the dry desert ground to create a shaded space, which is also protected from the area's harsh weather. To do so, it uses several bio-climate strategies that work sustainably with the surroundings, making the campus as eco-friendly as possible. Taking advantage of the level changes to lower temperatures during the day, and keeping it during the night, the overall energy spent is kept to the minimum. Furthermore, the building is equipped with a wide surface of solar panels that supplies electricity to the building.

The Hyperloop Dessert Campus also incorporates Las Vegas's most iconic trademarks: the billboard. The facade features relevant information about the Hyperloop project and this will serve both researchers in the complex and tourists that visit the campus' expositions.

Finally, the project aims to establish a technology research center to boost further urban development that's equally innovative and progress oriented, and helps to grow and amplify the Las Vegas community.

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