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What are the challenges faced while designing a light for a specific project?

By Jiri Krisica – Head of Design, Sans Souci

Each project is special. And each challenge is different. This is also one of the first challenges and rules for us – always approach each customer individually, and each project as though we are doing it for the first time. We have to ensure that our mind is open to new challenges as well as opportunities to create something new and according to the customer’s taste.

This goes hand in hand with one of the biggest challenges which is understanding the client. Listening and realizing what he or she likes and wants to achieve with the space. We learned to listen and observe what is each customer’s personality.

We first create mood boards to get a better idea of what we will incorporate later into the final design. The customer approves the mood boards and we learn more about which direction we will go. We are not afraid to design a new product. This is our advantage and it can turn out to be very special.

However, talking about challenges, a new product is also a challenge. We have to consider the production process, the timeline and cost. We are very lucky as Bohemian glass making tradition is very rich. We are able to consider many glass making techniques as possibilities here are endless. Our new generation adds to it and builds on it with fresh ideas. We think about how to enrich and fuse old craft with modern technologies. This is an amazing part of our job. When we have an idea, sampling is the key to overcome production challenges. We sample until we are happy with the result. And we are willing to take the extra steps and sample until we achieve what we aimed for.

Time is another challenge. Glass is beautiful, but the process of cultivation is demanding. We like to talk about freedom to design anything, but the magic is to be creative while considering the production process. We work under deadlines and manage customer expectations. We have to understand if our customer is willing to wait for truly unique results, and this needs to be agreed upon in advance. The short-term projects have to be managed differently from the start. If the project needs to be delivered under short period of time, we need to play it safe and work with what we know.

We can offer products we have done in the past, we work with our archive and offer a little twist in colour or coating, or in the composition to fit the space. Having a big archive is a boon.

The last challenge can be installation. But we are aware of it from the start. We learn about the space, where it will be installed, the height and type of ceiling, etc. Installation is very important as we have to calculate the weight of the chandelier. Good preparation in the beginning saves us from adjusting the design later during the process.

Once you understand your customer you can enjoy the process of creation, and not worry about the challenges.

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