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IMAGE CREDITS: Dave Southwood

KLG Architects, based in Cape Town, South Africa, specializes in educational, residential and hospitality architecture. Its design process is iterative, driven by explorative hand-drawn sketches, drawings and team discussions. The firm has a diverse knowledge of construction and building techniques, which it applies carefully in its site explorations and considerations of the social and environmental impact of the building.

The Watson Cottage is perched elegantly on the mountain and peers down toward the sea. The cabin boasts refined tectonic details which translate to its simple modern form. Glass window boxes look out to the panoramic views and exposed timber structures connect the mountain to the sea. Internally, the space is characterized by natural light and large open views. The living space frames a linear view of the ocean’s horizon towards the North.

The use of natural materials and simple forms compliment the surrounding landscape. A natural pallet of timber, glass and bagged brickwork add texture and re-orientate the user to their natural surrounds. The plan staggers and walks out into the contour of the mountain, creating exterior pockets and a continuous dialect between inside and outside space

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