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Wajeeha Rehan

Instagram: Wajeeha Rehan | Architect (@artistrybywajeeha) Email:

Hi, my name is Wajeeha Rehan from Karachi, Pakistan. A third year student at the NED-DAP (Department of Architecture and Planning). My approach to the field of architecture is kind of dramatic. Acing in the field of art in school life, i always desired to do something creative and experiment new things. Choosing Biology at school level then advancing as an engineer at college level then choosing the field of architecture when i had least information of it, was the biggest experiment of my life. I will be very honest about it that I kind of lost interest in my first year at university after a loop of sleepless night but later on, all of this started to make sense and i realize that this is the place where i am destined to be. Now, acing in the field of Architecture has become my number one priority and i love giving all of myself to this field. Architecture has made me really observant not specifically for buildings but for nature, people's psychology, their connection with natural and built environment, how architects can manipulate people according to their own thoughts and thinking process. Moreover, profession of Architecture has taught me patience, how to coop with harsh situations and most importantly time management. Softwares that i use to express my architectural skills are Revit, AutoCad, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch-up.

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