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  • Guido Maurizio Urbani

Vision and Regeneration Plan of Parco Paglia

Location IPZS Site, Foggia, Puglia - Italia Brief This vision is embodied in an organic project with urban design, landscape and architectural point of view, characterized by a high functional complexity, by spatial articulation and organic use; every single portion of the Parco Paglia area is structured along thematic axes inter-related and linked each other through a great arcade-ring-museum, which is configured as an ordering element of the space and a landscape object rich in values and meanings. The multi-purpose post-industrial park will be configured as an environmentally friendly peri-urban settlement with a strong iconic value, open to the city and citizens, with the role of telling the story of the Poligrafico and the reference context. This site will have the function to attract quality tourism and to bond, in a virtuous way, with the city economy, within a framework of marked environmental sustainability in which the site constitutes a green lung that is declined according to natural, botanical, agricultural profiles and leisure/wellness. Instagram: urban.horizon

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