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Viranchi Sinha

Ar. Viranchi Sinha (@anna_bings2) • Instagram photos and videos

Hey, I am Viranchi Sinha, I just graduated last month from Mumbai University (i.e. from, Lokmanya Tilak Institute of Architecture & Design Studies). Looking back after coming this far, I get some kind of satisfaction after seeing what I have become. It’s like I got what I wanted, my whole life. Since childhood I had a fondness for each and every form of art and was really good at it. I remember I was in 7th grade when I first heard about Architecture and got more and more curious about this field. As I learned more about it, I got a clear picture of what I want to do in my life.

But when it came to admission after the 12th board exams I was devastated. I didn’t get into any college during the 2nd and 4th round and started to lose hope. Following my parents advice, I even got admission for Computer Science and attended it for a whole month at Somaiya College, Vidyavihar. And then came the 6th round and at the last moment I got 1 of the last few seats remaining at L.T.I.A.D.S., There started my real journey to be an Architect in 2015.

There is a saying “If you find a path with no Obstacles, it probably won’t lead you anywhere.” So, here’s the thing, it’s not very convenient to have strict, narrow minded or conservative parents while studying architecture. I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere but college and also had a curfew. I don’t blame them for it, they were just doing what they have seen and followed for their entire life in case of girls. From their point of view, they were protecting me. But it was really frustrating while doing my case studies, group assignments or for that matter any kind of extracurricular activity even if it is related to my education and growth. I had to seek free lectures or even bunk them for my case studies. My friends coordinated with me understanding the situation for doing all the group assignments mostly in college itself or even came to my place for it, even though they were scared to death by my father. Did I mention I was blessed to have amazing friends during this journey? Because of them I even got a few chances at secretly taking part in a few extracurricular activities. They were my support system whenever I was down or thought I couldn't make it.

Lastly, people reading this. I don’t know who wants to hear it, but there would be times in your life when you feel you’re not as good as the others or you don’t have what it takes and you might even be at the edge of giving up. That’s fine, even take a step back, go 1 day at a time, go at your own pace, you will sure reach your goal if you just believe in yourself.

With this mantra, I did what I loved. Designed spaces which are interesting functionally as well as aesthetically. Finally completing my thesis which is “Redesigning of Vidya Niketan school” (school where I studied as a kid) I completed my student journey in 2020 during a pandemic haunting the entire world. Now I still want to learn a lot of things and I am excited for my professional journey as an architect.

Thank you!

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