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Valery Vega

Instagram- vaegara

My name is Valery Vega Varela and I am studying architecture at the University Puerto Rico. When I was a child every weekend my mom and I drove through houses, urban spaces, walk, talk about the buildings, colors, landscaping, and life. I was a child, so I didn’t have at all, a vision of space, architecture and the city. I just thought of it as a place to stay and feel good. Through the years, I decided to study visual arts. There, I learn a lot about sculpture and other disciplines. Therefore, I find that I had this passion to construct things. While pursuing that, I had these thoughts about the architecture in Puerto Rico. Some of the architecture in Puerto Rico has been an application without sense, purpose of coexistence, environment, necessity, and functionality. Since the 1950s, architectural proposals began in Puerto Rico and many of these did not consider our climate and our people. My goal is to change the way we construct in Puerto Rico. This tropical island has the potential to have better spaces that matches our latitude.

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