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  • Asena Sonbay, Betül Akdeniz, Özgür Bulut Gümrükçü


Project Team: Asena Sonbay, Betül Akdeniz, Özgür Bulut Gümrükçü

Project Location: Kayseri, Turkey

Client: Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality

Competition: Kayseri Melikgazi Meeting Point National Idea Competition

In line with the general urban texture of Kayseri and the qualities of public spaces, the concept of the square is not only designed as a flow, but also as a place where many different users can enjoy. In this context, "How to spend time in the square?", "How can the functions defined be customized on behalf of Melikgazi?", "How can a relationship be established with different users?" A number of new programs are defined under the questions. In addition, while reconstructing the square, in order to redefine the square from different heights, it was aimed for them to experience the center of the city from different perspectives with terraces.

In the programs determined in the square, the historical and cultural aspects of the region are among the design parameters as well as being the city focus. In this context, the relationship between Kayseri Castle and the city wall is not only a front for the square in the new setup, but also aims to make the region and the area feel different, such as "approaching the face" and "touching the face". In order for the square to host the cultural and artistic elements of the region, exhibition sections have been placed in accordance with the flow of movement and focal points in the square. It is the focus of the spatial reconstruction in the square, and at the same time, it is aimed to use the space in a versatile way thanks to the mechanization of the space, while the terracing is planned to become the meeting focus of the area with new functions such as meeting in the lecture hall and spending time in the lecture hall with the opportunity to experience different levels and provide the amphitheater feature. The bottom of the terraced area is again exhibiting. The brochure and announcement distribution point, located right next to it, aims to inform the residents of the city while supporting cultural and artistic functions.

Since it is located at a very important point of the city and the spatial definition of the square is region specific, the planting design is completely made with plants that are unique to Kayseri and can grow in this region. In this way, thanks to the plant material, the square was redefined while the city center was aimed to be greener. This purpose is also supported by flexible use meadows in the project. It is planned that the square will host activities such as resting, meeting, walking, meeting and visiting exhibitions at any time of the day, thanks to the various urban furniture and equipment elements added for the comfort of different users along with flexible use meadows.

In summary, Uvala is a square design setup that aims to bring the concept of the square closer to the city dwellers and support the urban flow, while at the same time creating a new focus in the city and specializing with its location while creating this focus.

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