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  • Zelemin architectural office


Company’s Name: Zelemin architectural office

List of Team Members : Nataliya Zinchuk, Khrystyna Kukharska, Adriana Kryvoruchko, Mariya Zasadniy, Yurii Maksymiuk, Andrii Shtendera, Nataliya Mashevska, Natalia Mychka, Rostyslav Tshuk

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Year of conclusion: 2020

Location: Odessa, Ukraine

Area: plot area - 1,6 ha, total area – 59 150 sq.m.

Urban multifunctional complex

The design idea of ​​URBAN MARKET is a combination of various functions and the number of connections that accompany them.

The polarity of the combined functions, the need for their autonomous activities, the climate of the region, and the ideology of the object as a mini-city centre full of infrastructure, influenced the nature of the building, visual image, organization of the object space.

1. The climate of the region and the stability of high temperatures encourage the formation of mini-spaces (courtyards) at different levels, which contributes to a comfortable microclimate.

2. Raising the stylobate part and the formation of through passages - streets that provide pedestrian communication with the adjacent residential complex "Artville" and are saturated with various functions that shape the character of the city street with its activities.

3. Dimensions of openings in the stylobate part provide access to the internal facades of residential sections of special equipment of fire brigades in case of need.

4. Light wells as a form-forming element of various functions (public, educational, sports and trade) provide an opportunity of daylight and wind to penetrate the building, regulate temperature by means of natural ventilation.

5. The arrangement of a green roof optimizes the area, improves the temperature of the interior, as well as adds a public space that activates and commercializes the "fifth facade".

6. Terrace forms different in the status of accessibility of the yard (open spaces):

- private terraces of apartments

- semi-open spaces of individual institutions (clinic, school, kindergarten, gym, offices ...)

- public areas, promenades, streets.

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