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  • T.Causin | M.Jeannerat | J. Pitruzzella


NAME « 8424, l'odyssée de Nanhui»

PROGRAM Metropolitan market

PLACE Shanghai - 31° 13' 49.498"N 121° 28' 25.324"E

PROJECT & MODEL | T.Causin | M.Jeannerat | J. Pitruzzella @i.l.a.u |

In front of the projected demographic growth for Shanghai is 8 million inhabitants who would add to the population current by 2049. We therefore projected a scenario narrative, temporal, seasonal, specific and singular, nourishing the radicality of development in force but proposing a state of hybridization in the relationship between metropolis and countryside. What potential futures for agricultural territories in the south of the metropolis Shanghainese? And how to live especially the countryside of tomorrow? Credit : @i.l.a.u / T.Causin / M.Jeannerat

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