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  • Navaz Pirbabaie

Urban Bridge

Instagram ID: CADE design

The Sharjah Department of Planning and Survey and Sharjah Urban Planning Council have recently started independent initiatives to explore and propose ways in which deteriorated neighborhoods can be enhanced. The mandate is to maintain the existing housing stock, and to propose enhancements to the public realm and social infrastructure of those areas based on the needs and specifity of each neighborhood. One of the man- dates is to find ways to attract Emirati families back to these neighborhoods without necessarily displacing the existing population. The project focuses on the design of new buildings with new functions focusing on their environmental and social sustainability that will improve the livability of Al Nasseriya and attract inhabitants of surrounding neighborhoods.

The project acts as a major anchor point at the periphery of the Al Nasseriya neighborhood adjacent to Sheikh Sultan bin Saqr al Qassimi street. It will connect Nasseriya to Maysaloon through a clear pedestrian pathway as well as having an elevated infrastructure that aims to overcome the obstacles of the vehicular road. As a mixed use project, the Urban Bridge includes residential, commercial, and governmental functions that include a visa center, professional development center, offices, and counceling services.

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