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  • Michael Delgado & Simit Christian


Names: Michael Delgado & Simit Christian

Location: Château de Vibrac, Charente, France

Cubix is a family of treehouse modules located in the Vibrac region of France. Drawing inspiration from the oak barrels widely used in the production of cognac, the proposal follows a similar language of two main elements; frame and volume. The frame creates structure and facilitates circulation, while the volume creates space for rest and solitude in a natural environment. Together, the frame and volume aggregate and grow into modules; as they populate with varying scales and heights in response to their immediate landscape.

Cubix modules are self-supported and don’t physically interfere with trees. They enable humans to interact with them and immerse themselves in nature without harming their surroundings. These modules grow out and upward, offering varied vantage points to explore with playfulness and childhood wonder.

The frame module is made out of cross laminated oak that is joined together with black metal connectors while the oxidized copper panels create an exterior shell that is aged and blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings.  

As visitors climb up the Cubix, they will also encounter many moments of pause on the terraces. They will experience the shade under the tree, feel different leaf textures while parallel to its canopy and discover an expansive horizon as they climb above the woods. The interiors of the volume offer protection from harsher elements and encourage moments of meditation. 

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