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  • Angelika Fajtanowska

Tourist - Ornithological Center Angelika Fajtanowska

Tourist - Ornithological Center in the Area of Natura 2000 Refuge of

the Mouth of the Vistula River, Poland.

Student name: Angelika Fajtanowska

Location: Poland

Ig account Angelika Fajtanowska (@angelikafajtanowska) • Instagram photos and videos

year: 5th year of studies (master's diploma)

University: University of Technology in Gdansk, Poland

Description of work:

The Tourist and Ornithological Center is the only place on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea, from where you can observe hundreds of wild seals and unique species of birds all year round!

Due to the strictly protected area, the entire designed urban and architectural complex minimizes the negative human impact on the reserve's environment.

A system of wooden lookouts, footbridges elevated above the ground level and a building that is a part of them were designed, which strictly delineates the tourist traffic.

The center is a space for exhibition, ornithology science and research, as well as an observation platform.

The reserve area is an area of high flood risk, therefore the entire complex is designed as floating objects, equipped with special mechanisms and mooring and displacement systems.

The foundations of the building were replaced with a concrete floating platform equipped with wave turbines generating electricity.

Moreover, the Center is energy self-sufficient, the wooden structure with a truss system has been divided into modules, which allows for quick disassembly of the facility.

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