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  • Mariam Jacob and Nada Khalaf

Thin Topographies- Enhancing Food Production in Marrakech

Team: Mariam Jacob and Nada Khalaf

Mentor: Professor Faysal Tabbarah


This project aims to reinterpret ‘Food Waste’ and uncover the potential of discarded organic material by: repurposing it for consumption, redefining it for material construction, and encouraging a sustainable lifestyle within Marrakesh. An alarming amount of pre-consumption waste is generated and placed in North African landfills, which mostly comprises fruits and vegetables due to inefficient farming methods, storage etc. Hence, the project aspires to collect such waste from neighboring farms and markets and then re-purpose the produce in our site that includes a processing facility, a market, and a food hall. By doing so , we hope to embody the prominent Berber's food ideology. Additionally, water is also a scarce resource in Marrakesh; therefore efficient irrigation and water harvesting methods were employed through the formation of ridges and mounds on the ground; as micro-catchments to facilitate the growth of the crops. In terms of construction, the usage of organic waste as biochar can be used to reduce 50% of cement being utilized to create a char-crete shell structure. Overall, the project helps to improve sustainability literacy within the community by immersing the visitor in the process of repurposing waste through guided tours and activities. It also helps to support local vendors by allowing them to rent stalls within the food halls and celebrate the cuisine and produce of the country.

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