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  • Kapunkina Irina

The project of Emotional Drama Theater

ARCH & SKETCHES BY ANIRI (@aniri.sketches)

𝑲𝒂𝒑𝒖𝒏𝒌𝒊𝒏𝒂 𝑰𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒂 (@iamaniri) • Instagram photos and videos

The theater is located on Ilyich Square in Moscow, Russia. After analyzing the situation, I discovered that not far from this site there is a small theater. Now its main stage is located in the basement of an old residential building. The troupe of the theater of emotional drama performs there. As part of my assignment at the Architectural Institute, I decided to design a building for this troupe.

Form creation also began with the researching of the area. There are some nearest public transport stops -underground, tram and trains. Thus, the total volume of the building was divided into 2 parts. The resulting street between the volumes formed the entrance group of the building. The main facade, which is faced the main street, was raised to the level of the second floor in order to create a certain theatricality and emphasize the main entrance. The space of the stage and the hall plays a significant role in the shaping of the building. The shape of the roof was decided to use smooth undulating elements. This is how a single image of the building was formed. The outer facade of the building is formed by randomly located round windows of different sizes. This element adds a play to my theater. The inner facade, where the entrance group is located, is faced with mirror elements to visually expand the space. An additional source of natural light is provided by the skylights in the roof.

The entrances to the theater are conducted from the underground and train station. First, the visitor enters the main lobby with ticket offices. The theater has 2 halls: a Main Drama hall with 800 seats and a Black Box hall with 300 seats. Each hall has its own wardrobe and lobby. There is a cafe on the second floor and a small buffet, which is located next to the Main Drama hall. The theater has rooms for actors near each of the halls. The actors have their own separate entrance and lobby. Also there is a rehearsal room on the 3rd floor.

The interior of the Main Drama hall is made in rich saturated blue color, which emphasizes its emotionality. The protruding walls of the hall have a wavy shape. Also they are finished with natural stone. A variety of round lighting elements are used to support the building's facade.

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