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  • Mohit Ranjane

The Commercial Tree


As the title suggest, the illustration is a bio mimicable depiction of a tree. Where, the way there are different activities happening on a tree, like the bird chirping, ants crawling on the barks, the squirrel plucking fruits off of the tree, the movement of leaves with the breeze.

The growth of a huge tree as a whole, the maintenance it takes with all the botany science. The practice each ant takes to be united and follow each other, the care of the bird as a mother to find food for their lil’ ones. The instant busy movements of squirrels.

The illustration also depicts the same channels and hustle of the commercial world nowadays, the busy life we are living, the maintenance of an organisation, the efforts to put a team together, to take time out to eat, to be in various places and ticking off each task in the span of 24hrs.

 The same way the illustration speaks the reality of the commercial life which connects different commercial activities in day to day life, like meeting new people in lobbies, a café to try new cuisines, an office space & co-working spaces collectively forming the modern-day commercial tree. It is a focus on a harsh reality of today which we are living like a normal lifestyle, the depth in this frame of illustration will make you think and hit differently.

ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATION: It has the high rise, tall building as the common fantasy created since 2+ decades for office spaces (which definitely should not be necessary, it could be cosy, small structure), the terraces popping out for the “business colleagues” to hang out, the minute landscape each architect tries to incorporate forcefully in their design to make it ‘happening’, the hay-wire behavior of each human being is visible in a very vivid manner.

The perspective of this frame is to point out how we can accept the hustle of life in such a normalising manner forgetting the peace it was back in the old days. I am one of them!

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