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  • Sofia Goida and Katerina Voyagi


This project is a proposal for the area around a new metro station Eukleides in the heart of Thessaloniki city, the second capital of Greece. Through the site analysis we realized that the existing buildings have swallowed all the public and green spaces and also that the stream that crosses the station was bared underneth the thick city net.

Our solution for the area combines a green plaza around the station merged with blue-green infrastructure and parasite structures that clime as second skin at the existing buildings, aiming to expand the public space, the green areas and get ready for climate change.

In our effort to see the area in the city, we carve a path that cross the metro station and connects the forest ,of Seix Soy and the sea , Thermaikos, comverting the whole area as a station .

Team Sofia Goida and Katerina Voyagi

A semester paper for Thessalonikis architecture school AUTH

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