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  • Chloe​ Dann

The Avion Experience

FloodSlicer Pty Ltd

The Avion Experience is a creative interpretation of the architecture of the project. Avion takes the Architectural details of a project and explores how the texture, materiality and form can be subverted. This was a true creative exploration and collaboration at FloodSlicer, in which each of our animators were tasked to come up with a creative approach to be projected as a Immersive presentation with 7.1 surround sound. Avion Experience was designed to be seen in a darkened room on a screen 6metres wide, part of a strategy where the abstract immersive set-piece formed the first part of the sales journey, mesmerising the audience before moving through into the sales suite where 5 more supporting more informational films present the building's interiors and features in more traditional visual explorations. Turn the sound up!


FloodSlicer has just won the 2020 CGarchitect 3D Award for Best Commissioned Film/Animation -

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