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  • Ritika Verma

The Artist Village

Ritika Verma (@artsyytecture) • Instagram photos and videos

India has a diverse culture and traditions which are followed till now. Craftsmanship means more than technical virtuosity. It is not only a profound understanding of materials, and of the tools with which materials are fashioned, but most importantly it involves a genuine pride which drives an individual to craft and create things that are beyond the economic considerations or reward.

The main objective of this project would be to share crafts information through workshops, gallery and exhibitions, and provide innovative craft design classes through the latest technology.

The Artist Village shall be a place where the artists reside and create artworks in studios along with the art galleries and theatres to exhibit their talent. To understand the role of natural and artificial lighting used to focus attention on the exhibits and items displayed.

Workspace for individual and group work: General considerations should be:- a. Peaceful environment b. Feeling of freedom c. Outdoor setting d. Space arrangement e. Protective equipment / measure f. Locating workspace with respect to activities g. Buffer zone between workspace h. Lighting


The site is located in Vasant Kunj near Sultan Garhi tomb. The site has approximately an area of 2.7 Hectares and falls in Zone J as per MPD 2021

Development Control Norms • Ground Coverage: 35% • FAR: 120 • Parking Standards: 2 ECS per 100 sq.m of covered area • Height Restriction: 15m • Setbacks: 15m front, 12m all sides


cafeteria and dining areas


sit out spaces

display and exhibition area

seminar hall for interaction

performance areas

retail areas for economic development

workshops for artists

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