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Tamar Gürciyan

Hello, I am Tamar ( @tamargurciyan )

I started my architectural journey as a dreamer. Back then, I didn't think of being an architect. But the circumstances and the things in which I am interested leads me to be an architect. For a very long time, I have had a passion for philosophy, art, and science. I found architecture as an efficient platform to intertwine all my interests. This way, I decided to study architecture. During my study, I enjoyed bringing together the rationality of science and the creativity of art. After my bachelor's, I did some projects in Istanbul and worked at Dagli architecture in Luxembourg. I learned a great deal in the office. Working life teach me how to be realistic while keeping the soul of a dreamer. Now, I am studying Architecture-typology at TU Berlin. These days I turn back my face to history while learning the new technological tools and strategies to generate architecture. I find an extractable knowledge in the history of architecture that makes me excited recently. You can see some of my works

MAR-TA ( • Instagram, Tamar Gürciyan (@tamargurciyan) • Instagram

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