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  • Süleyman Yildiz

Taksim International Competition in Istanbul

By- Süleyman YILDIZ (

"How to re-generate Taksim? Our response to this question is basically proposing a participatory strategy to transform the existing formal void into a sequence of public spaces that would respond to the historical memory and contemporary spatial needs of the public. What would be needed is neither a new GRAND DESIGN nor the RESTORATION of a particular historical layer of the past, but instead, to a GRAND PROCESS that would be open to collaboration and participation, and would be responsive to the complex nature of a public space. The pursue would be for an adaptable strategy that will give room to citizens for transforming the space to a “place”. It is exactly in this sense that public would claim their rights of seizing the urban space. In this way urban void would be a ground for creative public manifestations, by which then the «void» would be a positive asset. It is interesting to witness that whenever the brutal planning interventions crushed Taksim in the past, the public life has always finds a way to flourish again quite quickly. What happens once could happen again. By the help of a comprehensive strategy, public space could be re-animated and would become a place where the heart of a vibrant multicultural metropolis keeps beating..."

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