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  • Syed Arshad, Sharon Ann Philip


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Shortlisted entry in Sabeel 2020 competition organised by Jameel Art Centre for the design of drinking water fountains for #dubai #expo2020 . ‘Succor’ is about respectfully providing service to the guests of the Expo 2020. The local tradition of serving beverages from the exquisite ‘Dallah’ (coffee pot), is a gesture of hospitality extended by the host. The Dallah still maintains its place today, at the center of social gatherings. This symbolic significance of this object inspired the form and spirit of the proposal.

‘Succor’ is reminiscent of the distinctive spout of the Dallah, celebrating the act of drinking from a public fountain. Its form is composed of a smooth sweeping top surface with subtle concavity that gradually deepens to form a spillway. This top is proposed to be made of acrylic solid surface that is highly durable. The sweeping metal form is triangular at the base and tapers towards the top. The base is proposed to be made with thick die cast aluminum to achieve the complex curvature. It is anodized to a bronze finish and engraved with contemporary patterns that refer back to the ornamental appearance of the Dallah.

The sensor operated bubbler is placed at the apex; and as one bends to drink from it they can see the excess water cascading down the smooth sweeping surface and into the drain. The circular grating at the base is engraved with the expo logo; and it blends seamlessly with the curved geometry of the main form. The cantilevered form is well proportioned such that people of determination can access with ease. Additionally, the spout for bottle filling becomes more obvious as one comes closer to the drinking fountain. This sense of discovery adds to the intrigue that surrounds this sculptural urban object.

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