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  • Ismail Mir

Stretching The Boundaries of My Room

Ismail Mir @ismail.izaak

Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

The period of lockdown has bound us intimately to the spaces of our home environment. During this period I found my bedroom has become a confinement of sorts.

This project explores the phenomenon of bringing the outside in and inside out. Starting with discovering the special moment of 'shadow realm', where at night, the absence of external street lights, allows light from the internal space of the bedroom to be reflected in the glass of the window.

Through augmenting the window aperture with camera obscura the outside can instead be projected in, reversing the shadow realm. With the use of a simple device, this project experiments with projection and reflection of light. The project explores how the spatial boundaries of a room can be reimagined, unlocking the room and allowing the occupant to inhabit the space in a new way. This project is a story of how simple interventions within the space of the bedroom led to a new relationship with the environmental conditions and brought newfound wonder into what had become a monotonous experience of the space.

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