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Stefania Sagliocco


by Stefania Sagliocco, Architect OCCOstudio,

Instagram- occostudio_montalcino

A multidisciplinary aesthetic research laboratory, began in 2015.


Light, design and elegance are not the exclusive prerogative of big cities. Starting from this belief, the home-studio of architect Stefania Sagliocco was born in Montalcino, in the heart of Valdorcia - a UNESCO site and a World Heritage Site - a place dedicated to creativity, on the habitable border between art and architecture.

The sartorial and refined approach distinguishes her creation of residential interior spaces, where a sober elegance is combined with objects with a refined and original design, wisely inserted within essential and rational distribution layouts.

OCCOstudio carries out lighting projects, with particular attention to the world of food and beverage, with valuable creations for wine cellars, wine bars and restaurants.

At her side, in her private life and at work, is Matteo Scuffiotti, founder of Galleria La Linea.

Together they collaborate daily for the planning and realization of cultural events, institutional exhibitions and other events in collaboration with local public administrations.

OCCO is the signature by which Stefania creates her original hand-made collages, analogical “divertissements” - as she likes to call them - which tell fragments of contemporary living. Each aesthetic choice represents for her a coherent expression of her own vision of the world and never a mere stylistic exercise.

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