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Stéphany Beaumier-Durocher

Instagram- stbd.montreal

This year, I will graduate from the Faculty of Environmental Design at UQÀM (University of Quebec in Montreal). Subsequently, I want to continue my studies in Europe, to finish a master's degree in architecture. In my spare time, I like spending my time at home as much as playing sports. I also like spending time with friends or going out for a drink. My related interests are split between industrial design, graphic design and urban design.

During my 6 years as a design student, I acquired a lot of knowledge which allowed me to discover my deep interests in the world of design. Starting university in a foreign city was a rewarding experience. Not only did I have to adapt to my new environment and learn to live on my own, but I also had to integrate university life. The first few years taught me to organize myself and work in a team. At the same time, I currently live in Montreal, Canada, where I work as a freelancer. Follow my Instagram page. @stbd.montreal

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