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  • Ar. Brijesh Kharva

Space City, Science city, Ahmedabad

Proposal :- Thesis Project

Year :- 2019-2020

College :- C.O.A., SVIT, Vasad, Gujarat, India

Research Topic :- Spatial Study for Space Science

Project Name :- Space City

Project Type :- Information and Adventure Park

Proposal Location :- In Science City, Ahmedabad

Area :- 23 acres/93,078 Sq. M.

Design By :- Ar. Brijesh Kharva

Guide Name :- Ar. Niketa Gaekwad

My main Focus is to analyse Spaces, for Visual and Physical Access in relation with Space Science areas and to study the kind of environment, which would be used for different areas in Space Science. After the Research, The conclusion is “India does not have any centre where people can get information about Space and feel what is there and many things in space which interest them.” So I decided to Design a “Space city” to educate more people about Space.

The site is in Ahmedabad where there is already an existing user preference for space related activities owing to ISRO and there is also much awareness in people regarding the scientific and practical study of subjects owing to the Science City in Ahmedabad. This project of a Space city will thus add a space-scientific awareness and scientific temper among people. It helps them to feel and understand how habitation on other planets would be feasible in near future. It will also encourage popularisation of space achievements and future among the general public at large including students and designers.

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