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  • Setareh Karshenas

Sound of water with an ecology approach

Username: @sk___architecture

About the project:

The main purpose of this project is to provide a picture from a part of what is in the field of landscape And architecture has happened. The culture of each society is responsible for how social and family spaces are formed.

Creating this space means creating architecture and organizing its outer space means landscape.

The landscape is exceptionally a multi-layered and complex concept, part of which is nature and the other part is culture. It is spatially and temporally fluid and simultaneously contains non-religious values and beliefs Investigating in terms of meanings, perceptions and multiple concepts, the capacity of the landscape is presented as a voluminous interdisciplinary framework.

But we are facing the phenomenon of the gradual destruction of natural and historical boundaries. The location of this project is in the city of Kerman, next to the road of Deh Bala village. The designed area on the top ten road is linear or longitudinal, and most of the focus is due to the water atmosphere of that area, and due to our chosen approach, which is ecological, there is the least interference with nature. The area selected for design is such that the road passes through the middle of this area and the amount

The width of the land varies in different parts. The amount of use around the atmosphere is more than the land above.

This project was the first landscape design project during our studyng years.

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