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Sofia Bondar

Instagram- archi.tectorka

My name’s Sofia, I'm from Kyiv, UA. I'm an architect specializing in urban planning. Since childhood my dream was to become “someone making cities”. I remember how I was drawing the map of my imaginary town full of buildings that had very strange configurations.

Being from the family of architects who had their own architectural bureau, I started to help my parents with measurements at the objects they were working on and made my first simple drawings when I was 12 years old. Some time after I entered the university and finished it as an architect and urban planner.

For now I’m making the projects that are always somehow connected with urbanism because my global goal is to make ukrainian cities more comfortable, safe and beautiful for people. One of the main aspects for me as an urbanist is to help our post soviet space to head from communist to free democratic approach through architecture and urban planning.

One of my favourite projects was about post-industrial areas of Podil district in Kyiv. My mission was to research the abandoned industrial buildings and create several solutions for them to become a live and useful city space. Now I’m working on Kyivs’ harbor territory, the architectural concept of its development for next 20 years. I’m strongly convinced that architecture (both buildings and space between them) is the key to happiness and well-being of people, because our surroundings affect us and the space we live in defines our whole life.

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