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Smriti Kayastha

Smriti Kayastha

Principal Architect/Founder Bellissimo Design International

Kathmandu, Nepal

Instagram: @architectsmriti


“Everything Is Design and There Is Design In Everything. We Just Need an Eye for the Details”

I'm practicing as an architect in one of the most beautiful Himalayan nation Nepal for last 5+ Years. After completion of my B.Arch from Pokhara University here in Nepal, I started working with Government of Nepal's Department of Urban Planning & Building Construction under National Reconstruction Authority contract. I joined the department as an architect right after 2015's Earthquake.

The Earthquake did shake the whole nation pretty bad and most of the infrastructures were destroyed. With the department I was mainly responsible for design and development of Health Sector Design assignments as directed by the Ministry and the department itself upon the need based assessment done by National Reconstruction Authority. Working with the department for more than 36 Months I gained intensive experience in designing, planning and development of small to large scale hospitals.

For some time now I'm running my own Architectural Design Studio (Bellissimo Design International) based in the capital. In last 24 Months we have completed 11 Commercial and large scale projects along with 39 Residential Projects, 6 Interior Design projects and 3 Agricultural complexes. We are very proud to work on pretty interesting projects like 300 bedded Hospital’s full set design, Museum design, Clock Tower design, Cold Store design, Abattoir design and Retail Spaces.

We have worked with all kinds of clients. Our clients are from Private sector, Government sector, Non Government sector, International Development Agencies and individual clients. The firm now have planned to outsource Architecture based designs, planning and development from drafting to full completion of the projects as per the client's need and requirements. We are already in conversation with few of the international firms and have pitched the idea of our work and services. Soon we will be signing the contracts with 2 of them in the mid of February 2021.

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