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Siya Sharma

Seesaw by Siya (@see___saw) • Instagram

I am Siya Sharma, a licensed Indian architect in the field of core Architecture. Work is very serious to me and I thrive & train myself to be the most valuable Human resource to our global community. I am lucky to be working on Indian Government projects of considerable scales where I get exposed to world class projects that open my horizon to the best in class techniques used in our industry. 'A successful design is not only the one which is pleasing to the eye, but is an entire experience of ease for the user, sustainable on it's own.' This is my formulated mantra for any magnitude of the tasks I undertake. I design for the complete "experience of ease" i.e. a design so good that it's invisible and can only be felt. Now that's the most romantic relationship I desire to develop between my users and their spaces. In addition to this, my mission is to make architecture relevant and accessible to all, hence I run a small venture by the name SEESAW, where through either humour or engaging graphics I create architecture content for ALL! Hopefully someday I will run my own studio and leave a significant mark on the world of design and beyond.

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