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Sicis Launches the Innovative You Glass in India (Available through Tessera India)

Renowned worldwide for its spectacular mosaic creations that epitomise superior craftsmanship, design and technology, Sicis has launched You Glass - a decorated glass U-profile born from the need of architects and designers to bring design and customization with wide color ranges both for outdoor façades and for interior furnishings. It is available at Tessera India.

The peculiar shape of the glass profile that historically arises for residential and industrial roofing uses becomes a design element that can be declined in many of their decorative collections. The high mechanical strength of the glass profiles makes it possible to obtain continuous surfaces without vertical metal supporting elements.

This brings the possibility to obtain elegant and resistant surfaces, expanding the design possibilities of internal and external environments. By contrast to flat panels of glass and due to its U shape, it has excellent load-bearing capacities and can therefore be installed in very considerable lengths (up to 7m depending on wind load/stress) without any intermediate support. U-profiled glass has such high static strength that side braces can usually be avoided. The result is a façade which provides a maximum of glass and a minimum of the frame profile, thus defining the aesthetics of the structure to the core.

You glass low iron is certainly the premium glass type in the whole u-profiled glass field. Due to its further optimized low iron resource composition, it has a high light-transmission factor. Due to the fact that the glass melt of You glass low iron is usually significantly paler, respectively less green than standard production, it can be preferably used by architects and designers, particularly in connection with refined surfaces.

About Tessera India

Born out of a passion for art, design and architecture, Tessera India is a collaborative effort of Kekin Shah and Falgun Shroff. It combines the experience of more than two decades in the Indian design industry and the expertise of one of the country’s most sought-after architects. Tessera’s purpose is to curate experiences by introducing unique luxury design brands in India to weave home collections that are personal, exclusive and tailor-made.

About Sicis

Sicis began its journey in 1987 in Ravenna, Italy, under the direction of Maurizio Leo Placuzzi. Since then, it has revolutionized the industry of mosaic through superior craftsmanship, design and technology. Through the age-old technique, each tessera is hand cut and made in Italy, by some of the most talented artisans.

Italy being a hub for traditional mosaic draws inspiration from design, fashion and art movements across the world. SICIS personifies this Italian eye for beauty, penchant for luxury and sense of pride in its rich heritage.

Diverse materials like stone, marble, Murano glass, vitrified tile, wood, platinum, gold, come to life through a language that is unique and timeless.




Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road,

Sultanpur, New Delhi



B-803 Hubtown Solaris,

NS Phadke road, Andheri

East, Mumbai 400069


Phone: +18001202249


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