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  • Nourah AlBanaw

Shrouded Figure

NAB (@nourahalbanaw)

This project explores the idea of tension between a structured shroud and a loose, layered inner object. The shroud tames the inner object, held in place with a seam consisting of loops and buttons that hold it together. When the seam is open, the layered inner object takes on a more volumetric three-dimensional form which creates a tension on the structured shroud, deforming it.

The overall design of the massing takes on the square footprint of the Slaughterhouse, in Shanghai. The elevation facing the slaughterhouse is firm, structured and closed off, completely taming the feathered inner objects. The inner object only reveals itself at one moment but is completely flattened into a sheet. However, on the opposite side of the building at the main street corner, the loose inner object becomes more volumetric and the layers become more 3- dimensional, deforming the outside shell.

The tufted outer shroud that contains the more condensed program, is neatly tucked away underground and determines the borders of the building. The feathered inner object flows in different directions, concealing the circulation in between the layers. The only way to circulate is to experience the space between the petals which reveals the hidden structure. The inner feathered object connects all of the elements of the program together.

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