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Shreya Dalvi

Instagram- d_shreya_

I’m Shreya Dalvi, from Mumbai, India. I am an Architect, recently graduated from the University of Mumbai. With a very little experience I can say that not only does architecture influence culture on a high level, but it can also have a profound effect on its inhabitants on a more intimate level. Anything from Room configuration to material finishes will contribute to the wellness, mood, and efficiency of the occupant.

Architecture is more than just the building environment. It stands as a reflection of both how we see ourselves and how we see the universe. Architecture is something which follows “THE FOUR ESSENTIALS”, i.e. Form & Function, Structure, Aesthetics and Cost efficiency. Coming to my journey, I had always dreamed of being An Architect since I was a child.

During my childhood, I used to love to play with these lego blocks and building tiny houses with it. Since then, my family always encouraged me to study Architecture as I have always been Creative, and someone who loved to explore. The journey was definitely a very adventurous and thrilling one, but not without its share of hardships and difficulties. The journey is the research and learning that a project offers. It is basically an opportunity wherein; every project teaches you something. It lets you know whether you as an individual have grown or its just another endeavour you have effectively accomplished.

“The function of the pot lies in its nothingness”, as the old saying goes, the emphasis of Architecture lies in achieving quality spaces in the given setting with whatever materials and skills/technologies make sense. Through my final year thesis project, I have tried to focus on the problems faced by Farmers in India and to explore the role of architecture to provide a space so that the interaction between the farmers, students and the research scientist proves to be beneficial in strengthening the agricultural sector. I love to promote the traditional local architecture through my design, which is so diverse that every creation is the creation and it speaks for itself. I am looking forward to gain more knowledge about every aspect of this field which would build up a strong foundation for my career and help me in climbing more steps towards success.

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