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Sarah Shoman

Instagram- sarashowman

I am Sarah Shoman. I was born in Alexandria 1982. I graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Architecture Department of Alexandria University, 2004. I worked in several engineering offices, and currently I work for Damanhour University as a graphic designer. I traveled to several countries with my husband, including Saudi Arabia, and others for tourism America, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria and Spain through these travels, I got to know the different styles of architecture. I visited the old cities and enjoyed what the building tells about the secrets of the past. I saw modern architecture and what it gives of future vision. What was most attractive to me was the relationship between building and plant. So I wanted to express in my pictures what I see in terms of beauty, whether in nature or in the relationships of buildings with nature, and I wanted to share this beauty with people to see what I see The architect's view of any composition differs from the rest of humanity, and a woman's view of life and beauty differs from that of men, What do you think when these two elements meet in one person.

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