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Sans Souci Presents Their Impressive Nuggets & Lagoon Collections

Czech designer and producer Sans Souci, renowned for creating tailor-made decorative lighting fixtures, glass objects and architecture features for projects around the world, presents two collections – NUGGETS and LAGOON that are brimming with eccentricity, intricacy and technology.

A nugget is a lump of gold or other precious metal ready-formed in the earth. To recreate this organic wonder – each hand-blown crystal glass component of NUGGETS is individually shaped and then finished with metal nano-coating in a perfect union of old craft and new technology. These techniques have been intricately combined to create each unique element and then lovingly tailored to myriad possibilities for any interior.

LAGOON explores the soft free-form lines and curves of a beautiful lagoon. Just like in nature, one can create a private inlet with blue, gold, and titan nano-coated glass components that shine in every direction. Let your imagination play out the spectacular scenery right on the wall.

Furthermore, NUGGETS and LAGOON are available in a variety of sizes and colour variations. These distinctive lighting collections are awe-inspiring and exudes a strong personality that will make your interiors stand out while welcoming many compliments. Blending, tradition, innovation and technique, these lights are your key to having inimitable interiors which can decorate any wall in many striking shapes and patterns.


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Sans Souci is a Czech designer and producer of glass lighting and architectural installations. Expert glass-makers, Sans Souci combines high-quality heritage craftsmanship with innovation, using the cutting-edge nano-technologies to realise its unique designs. With an emphasis on precision and detail, the brand specialises in creating bespoke luxury lighting pieces and decorative glass features that highlight original architectural features. Production takes place North Bohemia, Czech Republic, a world-renowned glass-making region.

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