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Saloni Kapur

Instagram- Saloni Kapur | The TAN Element (@saloni.kapur) , Saloni 🌸 (@saloniikapoor)

Hello! I am Saloni Kapur, originally from Mumbai, India, where I acquired my Bachelors in Architecture from Mumbai University (L.S. Raheja School Of Architecture). I am currently pursuing a Masters in Interior Architecture and Design from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA.

My innate interest in art and design began at a very young age when I spent hours drawing and painting rather than doing any other activity. But I remember precisely, I discovered my passion for design at the age of 10 when I figured that organizing any space, whether it was my room or the dollhouse, gave me immense satisfaction. From building houses out of legos to looking at the interior design and architecture magazines, I could get my hands on, and I never missed an opportunity to learn new styles and ideas. The concept of the intersection of space that seamlessly blends the field of architecture and interior design caught my fancy years back.

My educational learning and industry experience have made me realize that it is crucial to have an Innovative + Functional design space. I understand that a good and successful design goes beyond aesthetics to reflect our core values as individuals and communities. My idea is to work holistically and sustainably and consider every detail to bring aesthetic, value, innovation, and functionality to every project. I am driven by everyday spaces and nature around me, and I draw direction and inspiration from the clients and how they function in their environment. I have examined human interaction with the natural and built environment gaining extensive knowledge and understanding of how we interact and experience our surroundings, which made me understand that it is essential in creating a relationship between the end-user and the design. I seek to create spaces that fulfill human needs but also develop endless potential.

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