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Rumeysa Celik

Hi, my name is Rumeysa Celik and I am from Turkey. I am the last year student at architecture faculty of Gazi University in Ankara and I am closely interested in architectural photography. Also I am practicing on collective living, co-creation and sharing culture. I am participating in a social initiative called The Roof which is working on Co-living.

My architectural adventure started from an early age with my curiosity about the relations of the colors, textures and images around me with each other, and this directly triggered my desire to produce. For me, architecture is a discipline that is related to art and many other things, and moreover because it has no sharp boundaries I can express myself freely using all my skills and imagination. It has brought me closer to the architecture, to the society and to myself that architecture offers people a lifestyle rather than just building houses for people.

In a world with spatial injustices, I always see the responsibility of being an architect as a societal issue. I feel lucky to be able to see the art in quotidian details owed to my passion for the architecture.

r u m e y s a (@postrodern) • Instagram

Rumeysa Çelik 🕊 (@rumeysaaclkk) • Instagram

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