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Roshni Parthasarathy

Instagram- The Idiosyncratic Designer (@the_idiosyncratic_designer)

LinkedIn - Roshni Parthasarathy | LinkedIn

My name is Roshni Parthasarathy. I am an Architect from the city of Mumbai,India. My interests in architecture and design began at a young age with my fascination for the configuration of spaces and environments around them. The idea of visiting homes of friends and family members and running around their place just to see what they were made up of was something I found extremely thrilling.

I have always believed in the idea that a physical space has a great effect on the psychology and behaviour of individuals. Architecture and space is something that we associate with memories, narratives and experiences. Post my graduation as an architect from Mumbai and a professional experience of about two years exploring the labyrinth of interior design,working on interior projects at a professional level is something that I realised I am more comfortable with and found it more interesting to experiment, learn and develop more as a design professional. I am currently enrolled as an MFA Interior Design Student at Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta. My short term goals would be to associate myself and be involved in architectural and interior design that focuses on the creation of highly personalised spaces keeping sustainability and the usage of traditional materials and practices in mind.

It would be a great opportunity to connect with and learn from like-minded designers and professionals!

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