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Ronak Roshan

Personal- Ronak Roshan Gilávaë (@ronak.roshan_g) • Instagram photos and videos

Work- Roshan.Architecture.Group ( • Instagram photos and videos

Hi، I'm Ronak Roshan; Founder of Roshan Architecture Group. I live in Iran and the city of Rasht. I am an architect with the ability to perform all stages of architectural work including planning, design and supervision of construction as well as reconstruction. My experience working with project managers, designers, and structural engineers at the same time has given me a unified vision for planning and organizing a team at the beginning of any new project. We build our ideas based on customer needs, building applications and environmental impacts. Considering the harmony between community culture and traditional methods of production with the stages of construction and the complexity of execution in a particular site is of particular importance. Therefore, we try to achieve smart and new patterns in architectural design, using a combination of digital design capabilities and native production methods in Iran. The skill of paying close attention to detail has given me the ability to come up with effective solutions to make my designs more beautiful. as qouts from mies van der rohe: " god is in the details" and and I say the details are my God.

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