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  • Ayush Bansal

Retail Store - Extreme by Jack and Jones

Ayush Bansal

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School of Environmental Design and Architecture (SEDA) Navrachana University - Vadodara 2019-2020 Introduction: Jack and jones is a clothing brand that has established big market that focuses on different age group , with its 4 kinds of categories. By choosing Jack Jones it helped to create new category that can reach out to varied age group public in an established market . “EXTREME“ Idea behind a category was to introduce something that can bring a unique experience which can widens the knowledge of people about different culture. This category brings out the idea of freedom of expression of Hip Hop culture . This Extreme category will have different themes which reflects the culture like cycling , Music , painting. For my store I have chosen Skating as a theme , to encourage people towards sports. Skating as a theme strongly reflect idea that no sport is defined to a place. It breaks the normality.When one enters the store there is a skating ramp which acts as a welcoming elements. It invites the user and defines the movement.I wanted to create store that becomes self explaining experience , like a journey to understand a culture. For that I have designed my mannequins that brings out different postures of skating which exhibits different clothings and hip hop culture accessories. A mannequins like this brings liveliness in the store and pass on the knowledge to user . .To reflect the idea of breaking the formality in design , I have used pixelation as a key . The facade ,the interior has pixelation to define the idea of breaking the monotonicity of usual life and excites a person to create new.this creates distortion in facade and undulation in the brick wall.Inside the store there are various elements that follows the belief of hip hop culture. It is a culture that believe in changing for better and learning from mistakes. For that we have a corner customer review glass, which acts as a design element too. A instagram wall is created that showcase the product with user, which shows the happy feedback of the user and encourage a person to buy it. One can take control of their lives through self-knowledge and self-expression-Lord.J. Extreme Retail store acts a self explaining journey that breaks the regularity and give a fun experience to user.

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