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  • AVR Development

Residential building on Yefremova Street 26/ AVR Development

● Architects: AVR Development

● Area: 3 300 m²

● Year: 2018

● Photographs: Maryna Grynykha, Oleg Babanchuk

● Concept: Yulian Chaplinskyy

● Structural Planning: KB Konstruktyv

Lead Architects: Volodymyr Yosypchuk, Vitalii Hanzha, Nazar Shklianka, Alexander Kozak, Iryna Yevochka

● Building Services: Galician building guild

● City: Lviv

● Country: Ukraine


The site is located in a historical, high-density neighborhood surrounded by 3-4 story buildings built in the 19-20th century. The site once hosted a humble, private villa from the late 19th century, which has been reconstructed and divided multiple times during the Soviet-era. Even so, the villa left hints of the history and scale of this neighborhood.

Through the years the neighborhood had increased in density, and the villa found itself between the brandmauers of its 3-4 story neighbors. Following ideas of urban densification, this project is an attempt to create a multi-family residence with enough units to be commercially prosperous, while simultaneously resonating with the scale of the neighbouring architecture.

The architecture has taken its form wholly from its situational context. It’s facade lays flush with its neighbours, the height of the building supports the pleasing silhouette of this historical street, and the facade of the villa which once stood here has been preserved. This leaves a trace of its history on the fabric of this street and creates a small semi-public patio before the entrance into the building.

The volume above the neighboring eaves is clad with light-toned composite panels and a high surface ratio of glazing installed deeper in the facade. This design decision contrasts the main volume of the building and the surrounding architecture, and gives this volume a feeling of lightness. The building hosts an underground parking garage. The 1st floor is dedicated to commercial spaces and foyer, which is located within the volume of the historical villa. The rest of the floors are suited with residential apartments.

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