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  • Pedro Conejo Miranda


BY: Pedro Conejo Miranda

LOCATION: Seville, Spain

It´s based on the idea of system buildings. With the examples of the Free University of Berlin and the planning competition of the center of Frankfurt.

Reflecting on the possible uses of the current Altadis complex and the equipment that could be incorporated.

We have located a compact, low-rise building. Which tries to weave together the urban plots and the pieces of Altadis, generating a fragment of city itself. A building with 2/3 floors that is crossed by some main east-west pedestrian roads, giving a permeability that allows the passage to the river. The factory turns to be a passage to the river instead of a barrier.

We transform the tobacco factory into a cultural and work center related to art and professional training.

We wanted the entire Altadis complex to be sewn together by a river walk. That runs parallel to the factories, maintaining the green line of the river edge.

The project provides a direct and green route from the center of the Remedios neighborhood (Ntra Sra de los Remedios) - Altadis - Seville Center.

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