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  • Abdul Rehman Suleyman

Rehabilitating the Evicted Soul

(Case of Gharibabad/Quaid-e-Azam Colony)

Department Of Visual Studies, University Of Karachi

Karachi - Pakistan 2019

Introduction: On the doom day the judgment was passed to evacuate the premises of the railway route for the launch of circular railway. This was the date when more over a thousand household came to streets homeless staring at the open skies above. Later on this judgement was further proceeded that roofs be provided over their heads as a resettlement proposal in such a way that it doesn’t become another slum of the city.

Hypothesis: Plantation of a tree is done when it’s in the process of early growth. Once its roots are deep then cutting it at the base and moving won’t make the roots grow rather the roots are based back home. Same is the case of resettlement thus having a hybrid architecture celebrating the essence of the place with the understanding of the roots is the concept proposed.

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